Mercato Metalli was the startup that in 2019 created the first digital marketplace for the buying and selling of metals for companies and that started publishing the prices of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap online for the Italian market.
Today it is a reality capable of managing the sale and logistics of thousands of tons every month.

"The published prices are market averages, they are neither purchase prices for orders for continuous supplies, nor plausible prices for a few quintals."
These indications should be taken into consideration as market averages.

In fact, the quantity available is a determining factor in evaluating a load of goods, in addition to other aspects.

In fact, if the stock market prices indicate prices only for pure materials at 99,99%, in the world of real trading, many other aspects must be taken into consideration to give an economic determination to a load of goods.

And this is where comes in with its platform and work team.


In particular, the prices of scrap metal are not only influenced by the trend of raw materials, which remain the main factor determining the price, but also by the quality of the material and the necessary processes.

The quantity and type of processing that a load of goods must undergo, in order to be brought back to purity to be reused in the industrial production process, become determining factors in understanding how much companies in the sector will be willing to spend on that specific material.


In addition to processing, the quantities that a company has available must be considered, in fact the main discriminating factor in this sense is the ability of a company to satisfy lasting supply contracts with recycling plants or foundries.

Obviously it is equally important to consider whether the quantity of material is sufficient to have good margins with respect to transport costs to the top spenders on the market or it is better to deliver to nearby plants and give up the top selling price of the material.

The sale prices of the material may therefore undergo improvements or worsening depending on each specific case.

The overview of the cases is innumerable, for this publishes average market prices, in order to be a balance of the sector. "

In fact, it is precisely the Metals Market team that makes itself available to each individual company to indicate the best commercial route for each type of material and the respective quantity in possession, also following the logistics aspects and guaranteeing payments.

Metals Market therefore operates as a broker that plays a key role in selling the supplier's material on the real market at the best price, which is indeed influenced by stock market prices, but which then has to adapt to a series of physical and regulatory constraints for the sale. , storage and recycling of metals for which industry experts are needed.

The platform publishes offers of material for sale and at the same time collects purchase prices, keeping the supply and demand market monitored.

"On the basis of over 300 registered companies and approximately one thousand five hundred tons managed monthly, Mercato Metalli then reports the prices applied on the real market, informing users and adding another tool to the platform that serves the objective of facilitating and speeding up the trading of metals in a circular economy perspective. "

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