Mercato Metalli Srl covers the role of intermediary in the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap with various foreign countries.

In the context of commercial internationalization, it facilitates bureaucratic procedures by dealing with exports, logistics and customs clearance, considerably simplifying the process of selling and loading the goods to the manufacturing companies.

The latter, in fact, sell the material for tax purposes in Italy to Mercato Metalli Srl which produces all the documentation necessary for the sale abroad, thus becoming responsible for the goods themselves and always guaranteeing payment.


For the delivery of material from abroad on the Italian territory, Mercato Metalli Srl makes available the quantities in tons it has thanks to its supply contracts, stipulated with important players in the sector such as recovery plants and foundries.

Mercato Metalli Srl thanks to its commercial network manages to have the best sales solution in environmental and commercial terms for each type of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, supporting foreign companies in the purchase and sale of material on the Italian market.  

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